5 Tips for Working Well at Home

Discover below the decorative details that will make all the difference and help you create a cozy and caring atmosphere.

Creating a Work Bubble

Having a room to work at home is ideal, but it’s far from always possible. A small space or a small piece of wall can be enough if they are well organized.

I have installed my workspace in the only room (roughly) available in the house: Noa’s room, which also serves as a closet, and room on weekends (Noa studies the week in Périgueux and has her own apartment)
Initially, I made organizational mistakes. This multi-function piece was too often in a mess. My office took the space of a wall, but I also had storage on the opposite wall. My closet separated these two areas and Noa’s bed stood in the middle.

I realized that I had to divide this room into three separate spaces, nothing had to mix anymore. So I grouped all my stuff in the same corner to create 3 autonomous zones.
This organization has changed everything, it’s as if there are several pieces in ONE.

To accentuate the break between spaces, I chose to paint my corner with a dark color. This very dark grey materializes my work area and visually separates it from the rest of the room.
It also has a double advantage: I am often very distracted by my environment. To be effective, I have to reduce the “visual attempts” that make me digress. This dark wall absorbs light perfectly, and allows me to be focused on my work.

Choose a Practical Office Furniture

I selected 3 technical pieces from the JPG professional catalogue. I wanted them practical – comfortable, multi-functional – aesthetic

I chose an electric desk with easy adjustable height.
I use my desk in a thousand different ways:
To write my emails, retouch my images, to create my paper sets, draw my story boards or make objects of all kinds…

All these missions are not done in the same position, a small electric box is there to allow me to instantly climb /down the desk tray according to my needs.
I must admit that this comfort changes everything, it’s like I have several offices in one room.

Make a Nice Corner

Practical workspace doesn’t necessarily mean ugly and austere office corner.
On the contrary! Select furniture that you will enjoy looking at and incorporating into your décor.

This is the case with these small metal changing rooms
Ideal to store all my little bazaar, they will also be perfect in an entrance to store shoes, I also tested!
I also see them in a living room to store dishes, as a mini-bar, and even in a bathroom in a medicine cabinet.
They lock, convenient to store precious, fragile or dangerous products for children.
The shelves are adjustable in height, and remove if desired, convenient to store my tripods that I can never store in classic furniture!


Take Breaks

To be independent is to be free to manage your schedule. When you have an office outside your home, the working time is compartmentalized by personal time. Just give yourself schedules.
When working from home, it is more difficult to compartmentalize working and personal time and to take real breaks.

Storing the house, extending a machine, vacuuming during the median break for example, is not taking a break!

Putting limits on myself when I work from home, is not always easy. But I know now that silos to be effective are the key.
It does not prevent me to devote sometimes a morning for shopping or storage, but in this case I make it fit in my schedule.
There is nothing worse than juggling from one activity to another to disperse.

Know How to Stop Working

Working from home means being tempted to turn your computer back on after dinner to check one last thing… read the emails by SLR and restart his brain in work mode.

You have to accept to leave an unfinished task, stop working when it’s time and you’re exhausted.
In short, close the office door, even if it sits in the middle of the living room, only to return the next morning only.

Working from home requires us to know each other a little.
The environment, the furniture, and the rituals we choose are important canalizers.

There are also many advantages of work from home of which here are my favorites:
· No transport time, no traffic jams. This saves a crazy time on the one-day program.
· We dress the way we want, and we can stay in slippers all day.
· No noise from noisy colleagues on the horizon

In any case, I have the impression that more and more of us are taking the plunge and being workers in the Home Office.…

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8 Ideas for a Clutter-Free Home

Here’s some excellent news: There are small things you can do to make your things much easier to discover and to make your house much easier to live in. Even much better news: You can purchase things to do some of that work for you.

Plastic Drawer Organizers

That’s why decluttering professional Rachel Winkler advises clear plastic cabinet bins to all of her customers: “They make it simple to arrange smaller sized products, such as bras, socks, and underclothing that otherwise would simply be tossed into drawers,” she states. The smaller sized compartments make discovering what you’re looking for a simple because you can keep like with like.

Space-Saving Flooring and Wall Lighting

The organizer behind Graceful Area, Mark Needleman, states that when you live in a smaller sized residence, it’s useful to use the vertical areas to make an area feel un-cluttered. Numerous light heads cover both general space lighting and more particular job lighting in one.

Stay on Top of Your Mail

You can take action to decrease paper clutter, but you can never ever completely remove it. To avoid documents from accumulating, handle them as quickly as you can. The most crucial thing is to develop a system that works for you and puts you in control of the unlimited circulation of the paper, not the other method around.

Make a Contribution to a Continuous Lifestyle

A lot of people collect up a lot of unused products or old clothing to contribute to celebration– when moving, maybe, or when a specific charity asks for assistance. To advise yourself that you can always provide away what you do not need, even when there’s no unique event, keep a shopping bag in your closet at all times.

Find Out to Love Smaller Sized Mementos

A clutter-free house does not point to a house lacking designs or convenience. The method to keep– and continue to include– products you like is to choose what’s either small. Believing small and mindfully will assist.

Allow Clutter in a Couple of Zones

You do not need to eradicate every various products from your house. Simply ensure you limit these challenges to an arranged scrap drawer or also a small place, such as your launchpad. When you have more clutter than will suit your scrap drawer, scrap box, or scrap rack, that’s when you need to start choosing.

Shop Like With Like

Often what looks like clutter is simply the sight of needed products spread around a space in a clutter method. To keep an area looking cool, keep all your shoes, books, plates, and so on in one or two specific places, and always return them there if they end up in other places.

Don’t Waste Your Time Decluttering.

Either you’re simply moving things around rather of dealing with it, or you’re decluttering without a strategy. Just moving the garbage, you are not ready to toss out from one place to another isn’t decluttering. If you’re simply going to move things around, then don’t waste your time with decluttering.…

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