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Menu du Jour

A taste of new flavors everyday

All of Bonnys' signature dishes are hand-made daily! We cook with fresh produce delivered daily, and choose organic whenever possible.

Below is a sample of our Salads & Starters, Soups & Sandwiches, Main Courses, Deserts, and Beverages. Bon Appetite!

Salads & Starters  
Chef’s Salad
Salad Plate - Choice of two specialty salads* + green salad
    Carrot Salad with raisins and sunflower seeds
    Japanese Brown Rice Noodle Salad with tofu, vegetables and sesame dressing
    Super Taboule Salad with quinoa and greek feta
    Spicy Kale Salad with mung bean sprouts
    Mardi Gras Cole Slaw made with green & red cabbage, dressed with a tofu sauce
    Wild rice salad with vegetables and nuts
    Marinated Italian Bean Salad marinated in extra virgin olive oil with fresh herbs
    Kamut Pasta Salad with red & green pepper, Moroccan black olives, and greek feta
    Pesto Pasta made with brown rice noodles, fresh basil and sundried tomatoes
Specialty Salad - choice of one daily specialty salad*
Pita Snack Plate
Whole wheat pita wedges served with either hummus, végé-pâté, or babaganoush  
*Due to our commitment to fresh food, specialty salads may vary day to day, season to season, depending on ingredient availability. Please inquire about our daily options and look out for new specialty salads!

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Soups & Sandwiches  
Soups - Ask about our soups of the day  
Soup + Chef’s Salad
Soup + Sandwich wrap
Cup of soup served with either humus or végé-pâté sandwich wrap (served on whole wheat pita)  
Sandwiches - Choice of organic whole wheat pita or organic sprouted 9-grain bread  
    Hummus (homemade hummus with soynnaise spread)
    Vege-pate (homemade savory pate with Dijon spread)
    Tuna Salad (with celery and fresh lemon juice & soynaise spread)
    Tempeh (with sauerkraut, dill pickles, & dijonnaise)
* All sandwiches are garnished with organic greens and red clover sprouts  

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Main Courses  
Bonnys Plate
Empanada, salsa, nachos, green salad, and choice of 1 specialty salad  
Boca Burger
Homemade chickpea flour and black bean burger served with an avalanche of fresh salsa, cheddar cheese, organic sour cream and sliced avocado (*vegan option available!)  
Boca Burger Platter
Bonnys Boca Burger served with a large chef’s salad, nachos and salsa  
Black Bean Chili with quinoa & chipotle
Served with organic sour cream and nachos  
Daily Special
Made with organic spelt flour, tofu, spinach, sheep cheese, and served with our fresh homemade salsa  

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Availability varies day to day. Please ask about dessert specials!  
Strawberry or Blueberry Mousse (made with fresh berries & silken tofu)
Brown Rice Pudding (made with organic soy milk & spiced with cinnamon)
Quinoa Lemon Pudding (light and refreshing, made with fresh lemon juice)
Carrot Cake (frosted with cashew-maple icing)
Maple Oat Cookie (made with whole grains & sweet raisins)
Crispy Rice Squares (sweetened with brown rice syrup)
Organic Five-grain Muffins (made with organic raisins)

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Apple Juice
Soy milk
Aqua O2
Fresh-pressed juice
Hot Chocolate (made with organic soy milk)
Chai Latté (made with organic soy milk)
Chicory & Barley ‘Coffee’

All of Bonnys dishes are vegan unless otherwise indicated, 90-95% organic, and free from artificial additives and preservatives.

*Due to our commitment to fresh food, our menu may vary day to day, season to season, depending on ingredient availability.

Call us at 514.931.4136 to inquire about our daily options and look out for our specials of the day!

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